Day 1

October 12th

Pick up at airport transfer to Pisaq

Check in


Acclimate to altitude

I can still feel the first time I saw Pisaq mountain, it made me cry. I had such a deep remembrance of a time long ago a chill ran up my spine. I felt perhaps I had been there before.



Day 2

October 13th

Morning teaching/Stretch & movement

Condor ceremony

When Carlos performs this ceremony and his friends play their instruments you can actually

feel the energy of the Apus (mountains) and take flight with the Condors.

Meditation to connect to the stone people

For those interested Ayachusca this will be a light-eating day.

Extra charge for plant medicine.



Day 3

October 14th


Pisaq mountain hike or day in town/relax. Here our guide will take us on a hike where you can overlook the town of Pisaq. On one of my tours here we hiked to this ancient site and we saw a ring around the sun. I was guided to download light energy to my guests. It was magnificent.



Day 4

October 15th

Market day in Pisaq

Sunday market/Best shopping

Transfer to Sacred Valley retreat

Settle into your rooms

Evening teaching

Dinner included

I found this retreat center in 2015. The money goes directly to a local orphanage. I had always wanted to give back to the Peruvian people on my tours and am honored spirit lead me to this place. The food is divine and the energy of the land is incredible.



Day 5

October 16th


Ollantaytambo is a town and an Inca archaeological site in southern Peru. During the Inca Empire, Ollantaytambo was the royal estate of Emperor Pachacuti who conquered the region, built the town and a ceremonial center. At the time of the Spanish conquest of Peru it served as a stronghold for Manco Inca Yupanqui, leader of the Inca resistance. This town and stairs that lead to the top are incredible. You will connect deeply within while at the top looking into the sacred valley. Our local guide will speak on the cosmology and ancient lore of the town. After hiking to the top we will meditate and see what our guides have in store.

Dinner (included)



Day 6

October 17th

Market Day. Our host Avishi will walk with us into town to show us the many colors, sights and sounds of the local people of Peru. This amazing market has much to offer. Eat the local delicacy of Quail eggs and drink fresh juice while watching the children play.

Flower baths available after (small charge)

Dinner (included)



Day 7

October 18th


Machu Picchu

Take a majestic train ride on the Vista Dome train toward Machu Picchu where it is said an Inca King hid his gold. Each magical moment is filled with wonder. Explore Machu Picchu a 15th-century Inca citadel situated on a mountain ridge 2,430 metres above sea level.



Day 8

October 19th

A day on the land. Today is a teaching day. We will connect with the land and all that we have seen. I will install the Munay-Ki and teach energy medicine clearing techniques you can use on yourself and others. We will have a Despacho ceremony to honor the Earth and connect deeply with Pachamama with the Qero (medicine men). A Despacho is a Peruvian prayer that honors all living things and creates Ayni (reciprocity) in the world.

Farewell party with music and dancing.

Dinner (included)



Day 9

October 20th

Transfer the Hotel in Cusco.

Since this is your last day you are free to do some last minute shopping and enjoy the cobblestone streets of San Blas. Have a lemon mint tea at Jacks restaurant and head up to Blanco Cristo for some last minute photos.



Day 10

October 21st

October 21st

Catch a taxi to catch your flight to Cusco airport (not included)



Join me as I guide you to one of my most favorite places on Earth. Each time I return to the mystical, magical land of Peru I deepen my connection to spirit, myself and my personal guides. I have designed a deep spiritual retreat just for you. We will visit ancient sites, and sit on Pachamama drinking in the beautiful energy she has to offer.

For those interested in plant medicine I will arrange a divine ceremony for you.

I am looking forward to being your guide.


Cost: $3999.00

Space limited



Double occupancy/ Extra charge for private room


Informative Guide

Tours & train to Machu Picchu

Transportation to hotels

Healing Workshops/Munay-Ki with Shaman Isabella

Market Day & Hike

4 Dinners


Not included


Plant medicine



Taxi to airport on last day


*Itinerary subject to change